Current Game Issues

Issues resolved: 2017/11/03

  • Cleareat and Kapak’s 4th interlude was not properly linked to its level.
  • Leafa and Makyl’s 4th interlude dialog was not properly linked to its level.
  • The first Eternial Techna Scroll mission was adding 3 characters prematurely

Known issues: 2017/11/03

  • Interlude bond levels for accuracy and critical hit based bonds were not calculated properly.  (The calculation system was corrected for this, but current save games are already affected. I’ll be working on a code to recalculate all pair-bond bonuses during save-game load soon.)

Added content: 2017/03/11

  • Added the DLC “Outword” gate to the Astral Leyline… (Which will allow access to DLC campaign missions.)

I’ll need a few hours to compile and at least a day or two to test these adjustments. I should have the latest versions uploaded by Wednesday, March the 15th.\

Update– Slight delay in building the update. Unity changed it’s AssetBundle API about 6 times and the reference texts for it is spread across 4 different versions which is delaying my DLC plug-in intergration.  In short. I got a bug in my DLC plug in system and the reference manuals each reference different fixes for v4.3, v4.5 v5.0 and v5.5+ –alllll over the place. I need some more time to sort things out. I hope by this evening.


Installing the new libraries for dlc seems to have changed the resource files for all 500+ levels/scenes. (some shrunk, some grew) Unfortunately that means the new version is an ENTIRELY different build. Which means I can’t patch… Or I COULD, but the patch would be larger than the build.

For those who purchased from the new build is available to download from the purchase page *right now*.

For Offbeatr supporters I’m preparing the new links and decryption keys right now. I’ll be emailing those off to you as soon as I finish generating new decryption keys.


4 thoughts on “Current Game Issues”

  1. Seems like my Eternial can’t form a bond. Affinity is 50 but after smut scene there is nothing, still “Currently unbonded”. Is that a bug or I can only form a bond at the later chapters? I’m currently at Ch.3

    1. Nope The Eternial does not form bonds with any NPC.
      At the same time, being with an Eternial does not break another bond.
      As the Eternial has interludes with different prospects this gets explained further.

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