Current Game Issue Status:

The lastest patch and update is now available.

Version 1.2a patch

Fixed: New Game Plus Issue that activated certain random encounter stages and gave them priority over story stages. Unfortunately this only effects New Game Plus play-through that start using version 1.2a… Any early New Game Plus should, well, restart New Game Plus…

Using the code on the battle stage command line


Will restart new game plus.

Unresolved Issues (Ones just discovered hours ago, actually)

  • Under certain conditions, characters that were not introduced in the story show up on the roster.
  • Makyl and Leafa’s 4th interlude is still linked to it’s place-holder dialog asset.

Fortunately, none of these issues keep anyone from playing through the story, but I’ll work to fix these issues as soon as possible.


6 thoughts on “Current Game Issue Status:”

  1. is there any predictions for any next big update? i would mostly be happy with a higher level bondings with the eternials

    1. The next DLCs will be focused on expanding the Eternials interactions as well as some with villians who can be swayed… Or “Negotiated with”

  2. I’m playing 1.2 and just got Cleareat and kapak to 200. Tried their 4th interlude and nothing. It didn’t pop so I hit close and went back in and suddenly they are at level 4 but the scene still won’t trigger. It’s not in the interlude list either.

  3. Hi, think i found a minor issue, had Alyssandra & Dazzle at lvl 2 bond, which should give +15 crit, but Alyssandar crit was listed as -3 (3 negative) on her info screen. In battle it is just 0. Then i got them to lvl 3 bond (+20 crit bonus) – Alyssandra crit went to -8. Guess the game just substracts 5 crit instead of adding it, should be an easy fix 🙂

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