New Version 1.3 Available

Issues resolved…

  • Cleareat and Kapak’s 4th interlude was not properly linked to its level.
  • Leafa and Makyl’s 4th interlude dialog was not properly linked to its level.
  • The first Eternial Techna Scroll mission was adding 3 characters prematurely
  • Interlude bond levels for accuracy and critical hit based bonds were not calculated properly.

I was not able to provide a small patch for this update. I installed some code to get ready for the first DLC campaign module and it required a lot of changes across the board. (I might have to have one more full version if things don’t work out as planned. Sorry about that.)

For those who purchased from you may re-download the receipt to get your new link and new decrypt key.

For those who supported through Offbeatr I have sent out the new download links.

7 thoughts on “New Version 1.3 Available”

  1. Damn, I forgot all about this game! I had backed it on Offbeatr, but my last email update was way back on Oct. 14, 2015. I just remembered the game and searched it out to see what had happened (the Offbeatr page doesn’t seem to exist anymore). Is there a way to collect on my backer rewards, even if it happens to be over a year late?

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