Next Version Update Coming Soon…

Issues Addressed:


Pazza Interludes: NPC ID for Pazza was incorrect, resulting in none of her interludes being accessible. I corrected the NPC ID error.

Wulfe’s RANGED attacks were missing it’s shoot object. (He was changed to a ranged attacker in the final build but his shoot object was left out.) This resulted in the game searching for the shoot object and halting the game. Wulfe now has his ranged attack.

Incorrect special ability ranges were displayed when the player selected between different special abilities. This issue has been corrected.

An old flag turned off the exit to the Illath vaults when the Illath mana scroll was seized. This issue has been corrected.

Added tool tips for Info box special abilities and status effects.

Currently I’m setting up systems to patch assets that need patched instead of requiring the entire game to be reinstalled. The next patch will be by Dec. 20th