The Astral Leyline and DLC Access

A few have asked when and how the DLC chapters are accessed.

As stated on the purchase page, DLC is accessed once the Astral Leyline is unlocked in the game.

In lore: The Astral Leyline is an interdimensional, inter-planar portal that gives the team access to all kinds of cross-over, planeswalking. The precursors of yore used it as a transportation system ages ago. Presently, the Sages of Nowhere are only just beginning to understand how.

In game: I can use it to create new stories and new adventures with whoever or whatever I please and keep it in the canon of the story. Whenever you install a new DLC chapter it will show up in the DLC portal of the astral leyline. (Fire Emblem Awakening… the game that inspired Tactics Elemental… had a similar DLC portal location.)

I’m currently working on the next DLC chapter, and I have one more planned after this one.

I wish I could be more frequent with them, but once a year is the best I can do. Thank you for your patience.


Latest version Update 1.43

This latest update removes a know known issue with The NPC:Flairette who tries to use an ability she isn’t yet registered to have, thus giving a continuous “Out of Range” error. For now a Windows patch to fix this issue is available here:!whsiACiS!rYlVe7qhBip2p8ulyFyl1tTlskDfdSIJv4026q7RVT4

This patch replaces the Assemly-CSharp.dll inside the “/managed” folder. The new system will remove abilities and techniques from an NPC’s list of moves and techniques if the use produces an exception or error. Then has the NPC select an new ability and method for use or pass the turn.

I feel like I should have caught this long ago, but Flairette never selected off-limit moves before. Now that I think about it, I probably caused this trouble when I limited her moveset for her first encounter to keep her from being OP.

I’m compiling a new version of the game after more testing to see if anything else needs fixing. At which time I’ll send DL links and keys to all my offbeatr supporter and update the links for those who purchased long ago on my site.

That new full version download should be ready by wednesday.

Thanks for your patience.

(PS. I also included a quality of life change: You no longer need to wait until someone finishes his/her move before pressing “End Turn”. The turn will end after they’ve completed whatever action you set once that button is pressed.)

Latest Version Update Available in August

With the increase in levels in the coming DLC chapters, I’ve found it necessary to re-tool the level cap on Accuracy and Evasion and adjust the to-hit formula accordingly.

For those who are under lvl100, the game should be the same as always. For those who break the Acc 500 evasion 500 cap, I’ve opened up things for the eventual end-game level combat areas.

I’ve also made model adjustments to a few characters. (I need to re-compile some DLC chapters as they replace models during those chapters with their own assets.)

Anyway, the next version update will be available this week for my Offbeatr supporters, FredGDArt shop customers and as soon as possible for my Nutaku customers( I have less control over when Nutaku places updates onto their site, so please be patient.)


Latest Version Update:

This week I’ll be making the latest version update available for all TE customers.

Addressed issues:

  1. DLC content manager: Solved an issue where the DLC content manager would mislabel new dlc modules.
  2. High level Accuracy Calculation: Solved an issue with high level accuracy formula breaking the game. Swapped out current formula for the formula used in “Disgaea”. This formula favors hits over misses and tends to grant lower accuracies against MUCH higher level opponents. For example, aiming at an opponent twice your level tends to drop your accuracy to 50% unless you’ve got a lot of buffs to accuracy.

You can find the smallish patch over on the patch page. (I only needed to change the formulas and access links in the dynamic linked library so it’s a small file.)

I’ll be uploading the latest version(For those who want a fresh, new install) this week as well.

DLC Chapter One Almost Here

I’ve just finished working on the very first DLC Chapter for Tactics Elemental.

For those who supported my Offbeatr Campaign at the Lieutenant  Rank and over, I’ll be sending a link to the DLC Chapter download as promised. (If you have Offbeatr Lieutenant rank + and don’t get your email by the end of May, please send your Survey email receipt to me at and I’ll get you the link as soon as possible!)

I also be will be offering it for purchase on Nutaku as soon as we set it up on their store. (I’ll be posting the link here when it’s up.)

Thanks so much for your support.


New Version 1.4 Available

I’ve just finished compiling and uploading the latest version of Tactics Elemental.

For those who purchased from, your purchase download receipt will now have the link and decrypt key for the new version.

For those who supported the Offbeatr campaign, Your links have been mailed to your support email addresses. If you didn’t get an email, please contact and we’ll straighten things out.

I’ve also created a test DLC pack and will post it here (free of charge of course) here.

Issues: The previous builds had hooks for only 4 DLC packages. I realized that was going to severely limit me so I rewrote the code that handles DLC (Which kind of extended into code that handled normal levels.) I should be able to write and publish as many DLC campaigns as I please for use with this version and beyond.

Resolved issues: I found the broken link for Xolo/Mayzi 4th interlude and re-connected. It should now work as intended.

I’ve only been able to test this newer version over the weekend, but I’m pretty satisfied with it so far. Hopefully I can now focus on making new content instead of tightening the bolts on the old.

Thank you all for your patience.

Sales for new customers will begin again soon on Nutaku.

Status Update

I’m still in the middle of transitioning from my own store to Nutaku, so I appreciate the patience for that.

Currently I’m hard at work on the first DLC campaign, but there’s some simple bugs to work out of the system. (Mostly of how Asset Bundles are very different from internal assets… and how they cache… and how they need much more attention from the app or they crash…) Whew…

Current Issues that I’ll look into: Mayzi and Xolo’s 4th interlude is reported as not working.

New Version 1.3 Available

Issues resolved…

  • Cleareat and Kapak’s 4th interlude was not properly linked to its level.
  • Leafa and Makyl’s 4th interlude dialog was not properly linked to its level.
  • The first Eternial Techna Scroll mission was adding 3 characters prematurely
  • Interlude bond levels for accuracy and critical hit based bonds were not calculated properly.

I was not able to provide a small patch for this update. I installed some code to get ready for the first DLC campaign module and it required a lot of changes across the board. (I might have to have one more full version if things don’t work out as planned. Sorry about that.)

For those who purchased from you may re-download the receipt to get your new link and new decrypt key.

For those who supported through Offbeatr I have sent out the new download links.

Current Game Issues

Issues resolved: 2017/11/03

  • Cleareat and Kapak’s 4th interlude was not properly linked to its level.
  • Leafa and Makyl’s 4th interlude dialog was not properly linked to its level.
  • The first Eternial Techna Scroll mission was adding 3 characters prematurely

Known issues: 2017/11/03

  • Interlude bond levels for accuracy and critical hit based bonds were not calculated properly.  (The calculation system was corrected for this, but current save games are already affected. I’ll be working on a code to recalculate all pair-bond bonuses during save-game load soon.)

Added content: 2017/03/11

  • Added the DLC “Outword” gate to the Astral Leyline… (Which will allow access to DLC campaign missions.)

I’ll need a few hours to compile and at least a day or two to test these adjustments. I should have the latest versions uploaded by Wednesday, March the 15th.\

Update– Slight delay in building the update. Unity changed it’s AssetBundle API about 6 times and the reference texts for it is spread across 4 different versions which is delaying my DLC plug-in intergration.  In short. I got a bug in my DLC plug in system and the reference manuals each reference different fixes for v4.3, v4.5 v5.0 and v5.5+ –alllll over the place. I need some more time to sort things out. I hope by this evening.


Installing the new libraries for dlc seems to have changed the resource files for all 500+ levels/scenes. (some shrunk, some grew) Unfortunately that means the new version is an ENTIRELY different build. Which means I can’t patch… Or I COULD, but the patch would be larger than the build.

For those who purchased from the new build is available to download from the purchase page *right now*.

For Offbeatr supporters I’m preparing the new links and decryption keys right now. I’ll be emailing those off to you as soon as I finish generating new decryption keys.


Current Game Issue Status:

The lastest patch and update is now available.

Version 1.2a patch

Fixed: New Game Plus Issue that activated certain random encounter stages and gave them priority over story stages. Unfortunately this only effects New Game Plus play-through that start using version 1.2a… Any early New Game Plus should, well, restart New Game Plus…

Using the code on the battle stage command line


Will restart new game plus.

Unresolved Issues (Ones just discovered hours ago, actually)

  • Under certain conditions, characters that were not introduced in the story show up on the roster.
  • Makyl and Leafa’s 4th interlude is still linked to it’s place-holder dialog asset.

Fortunately, none of these issues keep anyone from playing through the story, but I’ll work to fix these issues as soon as possible.


Version 2–Basic Information and Status Reports.