Latest Version Update:

This week I’ll be making the latest version update available for all TE customers.

Addressed issues:

  1. DLC content manager: Solved an issue where the DLC content manager would mislabel new dlc modules.
  2. High level Accuracy Calculation: Solved an issue with high level accuracy formula breaking the game. Swapped out current formula for the formula used in “Disgaea”. This formula favors hits over misses and tends to grant lower accuracies against MUCH higher level opponents. For example, aiming at an opponent twice your level tends to drop your accuracy to 50% unless you’ve got a lot of buffs to accuracy.

You can find the smallish patch over on the patch page. (I only needed to change the formulas and access links in the dynamic linked library so it’s a small file.)

I’ll be uploading the latest version(For those who want a fresh, new install) this week as well.

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