Patch Download

Latest Version Update: Aug 1 2017

The newest patch rollout is here. This version updates 1.4 to 1.41.

TE Windows Patch V1.41

For those who wish to download the latest version, I will be sending the link for those who supported through Offbeatr soon. Nutaku will also have the latest version available for download on their site as well. (They’ll be able to host sooner as their system is dedicated to serving software content.)


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I don’t like that I have to patch my software, but it is what it is.

Fortunately it’s pretty easy to patch a unity driven application if the fundamental elements are intact.

To apply patch, unpack the rar and copy the contents into your TE_WinV?.?_Data folder and overwrite the files. It should be everything needed to change v1.0,v1.1 or v1.2 into v1.2b

The latest version patch is 1.2b

You can download from my mega account here…

TE Windows Patch V1.2b

(Mirror)TE Windows Patch 1.2b

Unfortunately I was not able to create a small patch for V1.3 so far. please download the latest version of the game.

Version 2–Basic Information and Status Reports.