Latest version Update 1.43

This latest update removes a know known issue with The NPC:Flairette who tries to use an ability she isn’t yet registered to have, thus giving a continuous “Out of Range” error. For now a Windows patch to fix this issue is available here:!whsiACiS!rYlVe7qhBip2p8ulyFyl1tTlskDfdSIJv4026q7RVT4

This patch replaces the Assemly-CSharp.dll inside the “/managed” folder. The new system will remove abilities and techniques from an NPC’s list of moves and techniques if the use produces an exception or error. Then has the NPC select an new ability and method for use or pass the turn.

I feel like I should have caught this long ago, but Flairette never selected off-limit moves before. Now that I think about it, I probably caused this trouble when I limited her moveset for her first encounter to keep her from being OP.

I’m compiling a new version of the game after more testing to see if anything else needs fixing. At which time I’ll send DL links and keys to all my offbeatr supporter and update the links for those who purchased long ago on my site.

That new full version download should be ready by wednesday.

Thanks for your patience.

(PS. I also included a quality of life change: You no longer need to wait until someone finishes his/her move before pressing “End Turn”. The turn will end after they’ve completed whatever action you set once that button is pressed.)

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