Quest Classes


There are quite a few optional battlefields withing Tactics Elemental. A few of them grant clues to side quests depending on which group of characters you bring into those battles. All NPCs have “Quest Classes” which enable them to search for hints and clues about strange and unusual tasks the focus on their area of expertise. Try optional battles with different NPCs and see which classes quests are unlocked. Caution: Sometimes it takes a specific combination of quest class NPCs to unlock special quests. Don’t worry. If at least one of the qualified NPCs are present after the battle is over, you’ll get a clue on who can help.


Throughout the planes, there exists the ever-present danger against extra-dimensional and intra-dimensional predation. Forces at work within and without who seek to feed on those who cannot hope to defend themselves against powerful and sometimes other-worldly enemies and predators. Guardians are experts in protecting and defending settlements and strongholds against deadly and vicious entities, foes and legions. Or, at the very least, buying time for those they defend to escape from certain destruction.


Many horrible creatures roam the planes in search or quantiniums and realms to infest and prey upon. Considered the antibodies of the settled realms, hunters seek out and banish these threats while they are relatively manageable and, hopefully, before the horror can fully manifest. Because of their ubiquitous benefit, Hunters are normally welcomed throughout the realms they protect and are rewarded for their efforts or given donations for their work. But Hunting is a dangerous job, and meeting an elderly hunters is a rare encounter indeed.

Lore Seeker:

These explorers search remote regions of the plans for lost knowledge and information. They delve deep into forgotten ruins and discover the secrets of its history. Equipped with a special “Runic Tenchant” that records their journey, Lore Seekers risk life and limb to illuminate long buried truths and answers. Once a Lore Seeker’s Runic Tenchant is filled with experiences, they are sold for research and study to Sages, who piece together riddles or Lorers, who write tomes of knowledge. Sometimes, Runic Tenchants hold especially exciting experiences. These Tenchants are often edited and transformed into blockbuster major-motion-auraprints. Indeed, a number of Lore Seekers are also famousauraprint “stars”.


Across the planes there are ruins and ancient sites loaded with treasures and mysterious objects of art, wonder and power. A Reliquer specializes in treasure hunts of the grandest magnitude and greatest peril. Their training and experience have honed their awareness and enables them to detect the telltale signs of ancient treasure. However, aReliquer’s experience and skill can only take them so far! Many sites present new and unexpected challenges. A Reliquer’s greatest attribute (and curse) is fearlessness!


These keepers of knowledge and lore utilize their intellect and wisdom to raise their faction intellectually and improve the quality of life for all. They seek to uncover the truth behind common misconceptions and help the universal understanding of common knowledge and wisdom. Often seen as teachers or librarians, Sages sometimes undertake quests to correct historical inconsistencies and set the record straight. Sages tend clash with Corporations and Governments who want to keep their customers/subordinates ignorant and profitable/compliant.


Some technique or techna users love their craft and seek to reach the pinnacle of their art. Often, these experts take on students to both teach and, sometimes, learn from. A trainer is responsible for collecting and improving knowledge of their craft and for the students to which that trainer has imparted knowledge. And so, many trainers find themselves questing for improvements to their craft or helping a student with their search for knowledge. Unfortunately, some trainers find themselves on the road in search of a student who is misusing their learned craft!


Bards, Dancers and Performers of all types are of the Talent class. Talents who perform for audiences take what they’ve learned and all their training and sell their performances to dazzled patrons. Often, Talents go in search of new techniques they learned about or heard whispers about in order to improve their performance abilities and therefore become “Legendary”.

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