New Version 1.4 Available

I’ve just finished compiling and uploading the latest version of Tactics Elemental.

For those who purchased from, your purchase download receipt will now have the link and decrypt key for the new version.

For those who supported the Offbeatr campaign, Your links have been mailed to your support email addresses. If you didn’t get an email, please contact and we’ll straighten things out.

I’ve also created a test DLC pack and will post it here (free of charge of course) here.

Issues: The previous builds had hooks for only 4 DLC packages. I realized that was going to severely limit me so I rewrote the code that handles DLC (Which kind of extended into code that handled normal levels.) I should be able to write and publish as many DLC campaigns as I please for use with this version and beyond.

Resolved issues: I found the broken link for Xolo/Mayzi 4th interlude and re-connected. It should now work as intended.

I’ve only been able to test this newer version over the weekend, but I’m pretty satisfied with it so far. Hopefully I can now focus on making new content instead of tightening the bolts on the old.

Thank you all for your patience.

Sales for new customers will begin again soon on Nutaku.

2 thoughts on “New Version 1.4 Available”

  1. good to see you followed my Nutaku advice and took a look,also are you gonna stop making the patch downloads separate?

    1. When I started adding the code necessary for DLC, unity started making fundamental changes in the code, the assets, EVERYTHING. Patch files were getting almost as long as the install files. So for these, I just made whole version updates.

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