Game Technical Information


Any PC made in the last 7 years with any graphics card made in the last 7 years should be able to run this game on its highest settings.

(The development machine was and is a HP p71148 with a AMD A6-3600 APU with Radeon HD 2GHz… with 8gigs of ram on a 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS…(LOW END!)

Basically, if you can run any unity built game, you can run TE.

You *will* need about 10gig for your Hard disk… There are a LOT… a ((LOT)) of high-res images in this game!!! You can run it off a 16gig jumpdrive though… as long as you’ve got a usb2 connector… (I think you can do it with usb1 too.)

Unity version

I used unity 3d pro version 4.53. By the time I release the game unity 3d was well into version 5, but refitting the game to be compatible with 4.57 and beyond would have taken 2-3 months of recoding.

Program Files

The beta does not use bundled assets, so it is not compatible with DLC or external asset additions. The final release will have the proper hooks to include extra assets and DLC.

Each build uses its own folder file-tree and ignores previous build file trees (unless you overwrite one with another… then the last program that overwrote has priority… natch.)

The save games are in the folder:(UserName)/Appdata/Locallow/(User)/TacticsElemental(versionName)

Extensions like “.te3B1” signify save file compatibility. For example, versions that use save file extension  “.te1” won’t load (or even recognize) extension “.te2″… If you go around renaming extensions, do it at your own savegame risk.


Version 2–Basic Information and Status Reports.