New Version Update

I’ve added a new page that will contain version updates and download files for Tactics Elemental.

As of right now, the page has the latest version update.

I will also be sending everyone who purchased the game a new link and decrypt key for the new version’s full installation. The’s Tactics Elemental purchase page will also link to the new version and issue the appropriate decrypt key.

Unfortunately, the last version had an issue with New Game Plus that got them stuck in the Illath Vaults Random Encounter Area… Even with the patch, the area is on the save game file as an accessible location, so the recommended course of action is to restart newgame plus. Version 1.2 will allow the right path to be followed.  I added a new cheat code that will allow you to begin newgame plus… (Yep, it’s abusable but, it’s your game. Play how you want!)

Cheat(Enter cheats in the battle status window.)


Thanks for your patience.

15 thoughts on “New Version Update”

    1. The cheats I made were more for debugging than cheating, so they’re pretty powerful and they’ll probably ruin the game for you.
      If you really want to use them I’ll post them on the spoilerage page I’ll make on monday.

      1. I’m on new game plus right now so that’s fine haha it would be interesting to see what you can do with the game. Thanks man great game!

  1. Still stuck. When I finish the other main quest then stuck at Illath Vaults . If i finish Illath Vaults first then stuck at the other two quest.

    1. I’m afraid the tags for your current game have been locked onto the Illath vaults. Even though the game system is fixed, your savegame isn’t. So let’s get your savegame on the right track. Load your save game, get into combat and type this cheat

      /DEBUGLEVELSKIP,ch04-D-IT01” (Without the quotes.)

      Alternatively, you can

      /STARTNEWGAMEPLUS” to restart your newgame with all the flags set properly.

      1. Thanks very much for your help but that’s not how things going 🙁
        I used the startnewgameplus code like the fifth times and stuck at ch.4 forever. the cheat code you provided brings me back to the same chapter that I am stuck at 🙁

          1. sure i will email after this question…
            is the startnewgameplus ends the same where the original game does? or it actually ends at ch.4 ?

          2. Newgame+ ends (Well, it’s suppose to end) Where the original game ends. The new patch should handle that by correctly starting newgame+

            (So, if you started newgame+ before this current patch that game will still be unable to be progressed through properly.)

  2. Fred,the games interludes although amazing are soft porn scenes, not actually showing some things,do you have any plans of uncesoring that,or making a more hardcore version of the game in the future like in your comics?

    1. Indeed, this is basically soft core. But I am planning on something else in the future that’s a lot more randy.
      (Even though it’s soft core, I’d have to sensor it HEAVILY to get it into steam or— Even selling from godaddy is dicey as it is. I’m not sure how I’d distribute at the moment.)

      1. could´nt you sell it on nutaku?im pretty sure they would be okay with heavy porn,game makers like you and Akabur need your on market

          1. Maybe you could just create a patch that uncensors the game,for example Terris and Shrapnal first scene isn´t censored

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