New Game Issue Discovered

Just discovered some issues due to incorrectly implemented flags:

New Game Plus area inaccessable:

“Illath Mana Vaults” random encounter flag did not reset on “Newgame plus”

Some Interludes are inaccessible:

All of Mayzi and Xolo’s interludes, Veer and Leon’s 4th interlude, All of Alyss’ and Leon’s…

Makyl and Mayzi’s affinity reaches “50” points but does not say (ready)… This is due to a rounding-up issue. This happens when the actual affinity accrued is 49.9998~  Going a little more with their affinity will “ready” their interlude. I plan to address this issue, but it’s minor compared to working on new content for the upcoming DLC campaign.

I will release a new version of the game for download and email the link and key to all customers who purchased version 1.1 or version 1.0 this weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

4 thoughts on “New Game Issue Discovered”

  1. I just added a patch download page… I wish I didn’t have to patch my work. It should have been working as intended from the start.
    But at least I CAN patch it.
    And the game is playable from start to finish on release.
    Ah, well.

  2. I got is but it reads that my machiene cant run the application or something? Whats wrong? Windows 10

    1. The setup program is compiled from Innosetup, a sourceforge created setup compiler. Almost all independent developers use Innosetup.
      Does it prevent you from running it because I’m an unknown developer?

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