Next Version Update Coming Soon…

Issues Addressed:


Pazza Interludes: NPC ID for Pazza was incorrect, resulting in none of her interludes being accessible. I corrected the NPC ID error.

Wulfe’s RANGED attacks were missing it’s shoot object. (He was changed to a ranged attacker in the final build but his shoot object was left out.) This resulted in the game searching for the shoot object and halting the game. Wulfe now has his ranged attack.

Incorrect special ability ranges were displayed when the player selected between different special abilities. This issue has been corrected.

An old flag turned off the exit to the Illath vaults when the Illath mana scroll was seized. This issue has been corrected.

Added tool tips for Info box special abilities and status effects.

Currently I’m setting up systems to patch assets that need patched instead of requiring the entire game to be reinstalled. The next patch will be by Dec. 20th

13 thoughts on “Next Version Update Coming Soon…”

  1. Is there a recommended way to leave feedback/feature requests/bug reports?

    I’m enjoying the game very much:)
    I’m playing V1.1 on linux (Ubuntu).
    One thing I was hoping you might be able to do (if/when you feel it’s the right time) is improve large screen/high resolution mode. If I leave the window at the default size, everything looks fine. However if I maximize the window and I zoom in using the mouse wheel, it cuts (crops) the image at approximately the original window size. I use a resolution of 2560×1600, which means I can have pictures take up at most about half of the screen.

    Thanks for making this game

  2. Is there an easier way to acquire all the scenes? it takes way too long to get it all and its pretty pain staking even after beating the game twice or is there any cheat codes to get them all.

    Also another question being will you continue this game with future expansions or make this series into comics?

    1. Well… I did have a cheat installed. If you really want to use it,
      Oh well, it’s been out long enough.
      type /LOVEBOMB
      in the status’ chat window.
      (I think… It’s been a while since I used it.)

  3. There is an area that consistently crashes (for me) in linux but works fine in windows.

    In Chapter 4: The Fortress Above
    Security stations (and anything else on that map.. during chapter 4 or later when you come back)

    Clicking on any of the encounters on that page crashes immediately (and very repeatably) for me in linux (Ubuntu).

    I worked around it by copying the save file and running the windows version (in wine), and then copying back when I’m not in any of those areas.

    I can provide a save file that will crash if it will help; I can also provide additional information if you want it.

    Thanks again for making this.

  4. Great game, I’m super impressed all this is homebrew. Having already put a couple dozen hours into it, I have some feedback that hopefully will help future builds.

    – An instruction/information manual would be great eventually. It would go a long way to improving player experience.

    – There’s a situation where my party members have over 1000 accuracy, but in random encounter the accuracy is capped at 500. Is that on purpose or a bug?

    – Pair bonds that grow the slowest grow really REALLY slow. I don’t mind grinding a bit, but it would be more fun if on New Game + you could play story encounters with any character. By the time you unlock all chars the game is nearly over. Result is me playing Thunder breach maybe 200x by now and I’m like half done with unlocking interludes. I suggest that every time you complete New Game+ there’s an overall boost to all affinity gain, or something like that to take the edge off with every replay.

    That’s all for now, good luck with bug fixes and thanks for your work!

  5. A few more suggestions:

    – With the grinding required to max all pair bonds, a lot of materials are accumulated and after a while most of the low level ones aren’t so useful (which brings me to my next point). It would be cool to have a way to trade items for affinity points that can be allocated wherever the player wants.

    – Make a way to use multiple items at once? There’s a lot of clicking involved when there’s a stack of 99


  6. Mayzi and Xolo Scene not working .

    and New Game + mode does not continues in Main Quest past Illath Telepoint.

  7. Any chance there’s a gallery mode or something similar in game? It’s so hard to choose who I wanna bond with but I wanna see all the other situations 😀

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