Current Release Date: 10/27/16

I’m very sorry for the delay everyone.
I’ve truly been busy with juggling everything.

I’ll be putting the final interludes into the game this month, and the scheduled official release date will be on October 27th.

I know it’s a pretty late date, but I’ve had to work on an additional 54 interlude images. And side quests that involve every region.

Additional Material included in the official release

A modular design system for DLC assets: Unity doesn’t easily allow for downloadable content. You have to use something called asset bundling.

All of Tampini’s interludes(16 interludes)

All 8 sidequest interludes

All of Quamp’s interludes (Quamp is a planar merchant /quest agent)

The female and male Eternial interludes (14 interludes)

8 Continental side quests

8+ Territorial sidequests

(And as many planar sidequests as I can include before the official release.)


I’m really sorry for the delays.

I’m working hard to make this the game I’ve dreamed of making.



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