Production Update

I was busy compiling the new build. Finishing up for Mac, Win and Linux, actually.

When a player informs me that East Tendril is impossible. (I’m like… I played through that one dozens of times… But… It is.

I placed the Newgame+ mob list into the first game mob list… So yeah. Impossible… Or you need a *lot* of luck with Makyl’s “Landslide.”

So… recompile time.  (3 hours each version… Ugh.) Working on patching system.


10 thoughts on “Production Update”

  1. Ohh, so that’s why that part was so challenging.
    I reached the second battle, and the fight is kinda desperate (mainly because I get bumrushed by enemies capable of instakilling the team’s tank)

    Thankfully I saved enough items to buff Makyl a bit, he should be able to do enough damage, with luck.

  2. Loving the game! Just taking a short break to report something.

    I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate to report a bug here or not (if there’s a place you’d prefer it done, please let me know), but I thought you should know: after getting the Eternal technas “Impregnable” and “Lordly Might” I went to the Illath Mana Vaults for a random encounter, only the button to exit the area/map was no longer there.
    In an attempt to recreate the bug I loaded an earlier save and cleared the challenge that gives “Impregnable” and revisited to find the exit was still there. Afterwards I gained “Lordly Might” and once again the exit had been removed. Lastly, I reloaded and went for the “Lordly Might” scroll first and visited the Illath Mana Vaults (random encounter) section once more to find the exit was missing.

    Back to the fun!

  3. Any ideas on how long it will be before the game is finalized at this point? I’m not looking for an exact date, just wondering if you have a rough idea. If not, that’s fine too.

    Also, you said the Eternial has 7 interludes… does that mean you’re creating 7 interludes for each team member of the opposite sex with the Eternial?

    1. The I’m planning official release for September. (whether I have all the info from my higher-tear supporters or not.) All interludes (Including the eternials) will be included.

  4. There is some way to acces the world map from a dungeon?

    I have obtain the two auras from the Chapter 4 and when I have enter the tomb to do some bonding I have find that the exit has dissapeared.

    1. I don’t think I understand the question.
      Is there a spot in the game where you can’t progress in the story?

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