Production Update

Well, that was a F-ed up launch….

The file was corrupted as it uploaded, so I made a new link.

Everyone should have received it by now.

I’ll rebuild the old link this week.

Tonight I’ll make the Mac and Linux versions available to version Beta 001e(fixed issues with AI Healers ‘cheating’… Fixed some sound issues.)

I’ll bring the Windows version up to Beta0001e tomorrow.

If there are no difficulties or severe issues I’ll post the release version as soon as all of the reward tier interludes are complete and approved.

But I wanted to get this version into everyone’s hands to show that: YES, I wasn’t slacking off for 2 years.


Main story of Nowhere’s Invasion, 31 Playable NPCs, 28 NPCs each have interlude cutscenes to unlock: 4 scenes per 4 prospective partners (Basically 16 interlude CS per character)

Final release will include the reward interludes, New Game + side-quests and endgame character class specific side-quests for increasing intimacy and ‘Pair Bond’ levels quickly.

(If you finish the main story, don’t save over your files. The final release DLC continues from there.)

Thanks again for your patience.

3rd times a charm eh

First build was too bloaty (Takes 1 hour to build btw.) Or so I THOUGHT. 900MB size.

Second, It turns out the engine did a better job of compressing the images than I thought. Wound up with 2,000MG for all my optimizing. Sheesh.

So I go to post the first build when I realize that one had all the cheat codes hard wired. So I remove the codes and accidently turn on “hard mode” (Making it really really hard to get through lvls. Your crew shouldn’t be all one-shotted on turn two.

So I renormalized the enemy damage (Not easy mode though… unless you know what to do.)

Building Windows version of the beta tonight then the rest tomorrow. Been up since 6am doing errands and It’s 2.30am now


Post production of beta

Some notes about the beta.

  1. The missions are all main quest and random battles. (I’m saving the side quests for the official release.)
  2. The first beta build was about 6 GB. (a LOT of art, But the art is all 32bbp and super high res. Not all of it needs to be that way. I can definately trim.)
  3. There are over 500 “levels” to manage (Thats cutscenes, hubs, management screens and stages. So I might have missed something…(But I’ve been checking before during and after x3 every step of the way. The game currently runs all the way through and I haven’t found anything that snags or looks weird… But thats not saying there isn’t something I didn’t see.)

I plan on posting the beta as soon as I cut the bloat. Which should be by this evening.


Production Update

I’ll spend tomorrow optimizing for the build.

As predicted I’ll be able to send a link to every supporter by monday evening.

Thanks again for the patience.

Mind everyone this is just the beta.

I hope there won’t be serious, undiscovered issues, but there might be.

Additionally I won’t be able to add the content from my higher tier reward contributers until the official release. I need time to finalize and customize their contributions so that everything fits in the scope of the game.

Production update.

All of the scripts. artwork and mission building is completed. The game runs to the end.

To do…

1)I’ll have to make sure every last level to level link is complete. 2)Optimize the art files…and atlases. Relink them the ones that need them relinked after optimization. 3) write the script for the windows installer.

All in all I predict that I should have the beta available by toworrow afternoon.

Production Status Update

Spent the weekend tracking down missions that had links that didn’t work properly, so I’m a few days behind. (Again. Sorry. I just want to make sure everything works.)

I’ve got an installer package scripted for windows installation and I’m making the beta build available to everyone who supported (25$ and up) Available on Monday morning. (July 25)

Thank you all for your patience.


Production Status update

Working on Gold Digger now.

Things to do with Tactics? Import all the 3d models I created to their placeholders.  Import the remaining dialog scripts. Test with a few playthroughs. Work on the remaining 2 reward tier characters.

(The last two might be iffy if the owners need time for corrections.)

Right I have 2 weeks of work on TE to do, But I have about 5 days of Gold Digger to do.

Projected release date July 14-20th. (I’m trying hard to keep this 14th date but I need time to compensate for everything.)

Production Status Update

I was planning to use Articy Draft, a resource managing authoring software to handle my dialog and story content and automate some tasks but it’s XML exporting methods are just plain incompatible with the tags I use to generate dialog choices and stage commands, so I’ll have to code those content files by hand…

Unfortunately this creates another set-back.

I estimate 14 additional days of work to compensate, but it might be longer as I have lost some automation.

I estimate a release date of July 14th.

I’m very sorry for the delay.


Version 2–Basic Information and Status Reports.